Dancer In Emerald by Jack Vettriano

“Dancer in Emerald” by Jack Vettriano Framed Limited Edition Special Offer £1,000

“Dancer In Emerald by Jack Vettriano .  Limited Edition Framed. Large Format No 240/250

Special offer on this beautiful picture for March only at Jack’s Gallery, HENLEY ON THAMES


Dancer In Emerald by Jack Vettriano

“Dancer in Emerald” by Jack Vettriano

“Dancer In Emerald” is one of Jack Vettriano’s most heart rending and beautiful  paintings.  Evoking the nostalgia of the grace and elegance of times long gone, the picture shows a couple, oblivious to the world and locked in love.  The woman is dressed in an emerald evening dress, with matching long gloves.  Her hair is in a sophisticated chignon and she is wearing the trademark Vettriano  simple pearl earrings.  Nevertheless, she is happy to be dancing in bare feet, on a wet beach in the rain.  Her partner dressed in black tie, holds her close, whilst the Butler holds the umbrella  high in an attempt to shield them from the rain.  Vettriano captures the leaden grey of the sky, the dark sea, the surface water on the sand reflecting the sky.  The emerald dress is a stunning contrast to the dark background.

Jack’s Gallery has framed this picture with a sympathetic dark grey granite effect wood grained frame.

At a special price for March only this evocative and romantic “Dancer In Emerald” large format Limited Edition is a must for Vettriano lovers

Morning News by Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano Limited Editions at Jack’s Gallery, Henley On Thames. Official Vettriano Stockists

Jack Vettriano Limited Editions, Artist Proofs and Studio Proofs stocked at Jack’s Gallery

Jack’s Gallery stocks over 60 different Limited Editions of Jack Vettriano in this charming and quirky Gallery in Henley-On-Thames.  The Gallery also stocks rare Artist and Studio Proofs.

Fast Selling Out Limited Edition “Morning News” 236/250

Morning News by Jack Vettriano

“Morning News” by Jack Vettriano

Many people ask what is the difference between open (unlimited) prints, Limited Editions, Artist Proofs and Studio Proofs?  Jack Free, the owner of Jack’s Gallery is happy to explain the difference to his customers.

Open Prints are unlimited and unsigned and can be produced in large numbers until the printing plate wears out.

Limited Edition Prints are much more collectable and have a print run of a particular number of copies  individually and sequentially numbered.  After the run has been completed the print plate is destroyed so no further prints can be taken from it.  Vettriano tends to mainly limit his Limited Edition Prints to a run of 250.  All are signed by Vettriano and have a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to this.  

Artist Proofs are  normally the prints that are given to the Artist or sometimes retained by the Publisher to keep or to sell or donate at some future date.  The Vettriano Artist Proofs have normally only 30 or 40 in a run and as such become highly collectable.  Again they are signed by the Artist and have a Certificate of Authenticity.

Studio Proofs are normally retained by the Publisher.  They are often even more collectable as the run only extends to 10 in total.  They are often kept and released at a later date.  As with the other special editions, they are sequentially numbered and signed by the Artist with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Jack’s Gallery welcomes all queries.  Call our Gallery on 01491 571387

The British Are Coming by Jack Vettriano

“Bluebird” Collection by Jack Vettriano. 7 Rare Studio Proofs. Only at Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames

The “Bluebird” collection has been acquired by Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames to mark the 50th Anniversary of the death of Donald Campbell attempting the World Water Speed Record in Bluebird K7.

These 7 iconic pictures are normally sold in a complete boxed Edition set, but Jack’s Gallery has individually double mounted and framed each rare Studio Proof.  Framed in a stunning black wood to enhance the vibrant colours.  Only 5 sets were produced of these Studio Proofs.

Bluebird at Bonneville by Jack Vettriano

“Bluebird at Bonneville” by Jack Vettriano


Bluebird was named after Blue Bird, the name of the Campbell-Railton car which broke the Land Speed Record for Sir Malcolm Campbell.  Throughout the 1920’s and ’30’s Sir Malcolm set several Land Speed Records but Blue Bird finally gave him the power to break the 300 mph barrier on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1935.

Birth Of A Dream by Jack Vettriano

“Birth of a Dream” by Jack Vettriano

After his Father’s death in 1948 Donald Campbell set out to break the world water speed record with his Sir Malcolm’s old boat, renamed  Bluebird K4 and did so on seven occasions between 1955 and 1964.

Pendine Beach by Jack Vettriano

“Pendine Beach” by Jack Vettriano

 Donald’s desire was to also hold the world land speed record and his car Bluebird CN7 was completed in 1960.  He returned to Bonneville Salt Flats where his Father had set the record 25 years before but lost control and crashed at 360 mph.  He survived and finally set the Land Speed Record of 403.1 mph in 1964,on the salt beds of Lake Ere in South Australia.  He died on 5th January 1967 attempting another Water Speed Record on Lake Coniston.

Donald Campbell remains the only person to hold the double of the World Water Speed record and the World Land Speed Record set in the same year.  A truly astonishing British Family.

The British Are Coming by Jack Vettriano

“The British are Coming” by Jack Vettriano


Four of the seven images of this collection are portrayed here.  Please contact Jack’s Gallery on +44(0)1491 571387 or +44(0)7775 735136 or email


Montage of the most famous Jack Vettriano Prints

Amazing Jack Vettriano Christmas Gifts at Jack’s Gallery, Henley

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Vettriano lovers everywhere from Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames

Fantastic Canvases just arrived in our Gallery, include “Bluebird at Bonneville” along with “Dance Me to the End of Love”,  “In Thoughts of You” “Mad Dogs” and other favourites.  These iconic pictures are stretched and ready to hang.

Romantic, vivid, always thought provoking.

The perfect Christmas gift for him or her.  Starting at £165.

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“Mad Dogs” by Jack Vettriano

Mad Dogs by Jack Vettriano

“Bluebird at Bonneville” by Jack Vettriano

Bluebird at Bonneville by Jack Vettriano


“Dance Me to the End of Love” by Jack Vettriano

Dance Me To The End Of Love by Jack Vettriano

“In Thoughts of You” by Jack Vettriano

In Thoughts Of You by Jack Vettriano


Only The Deepest Red by Jack Vettriano

“Only the Deepest Red” Highly Collectable Studio Proof by Jack Vettriano

“Only the Deepest Red”

A Highly Collectable Studio Proof No 8 of 10

 Recently Acquired by Jack’s Gallery, HENLEY-ON-THAMES

Full C.O.A and Publisher’s Mount

Only The Deepest Red by Jack Vettriano

“Only the Deepest Red” An Iconic Picture by Jack Vettriano

A beautiful young woman is on her way out.  Her eye make-up is complete.  Her double pearl earrings in place.  She needs to make an impact on the person she is meeting.  Her selection of lipstick is key.  Hence she decides that “only the deepest red” will do.  She applies it carefully, using her compact mirror to ensure it covers her lips perfectly.  Who is she meeting? Vettriano always leaves us questioning.

Jack’s Gallery specialises in both Studio and Artist Proofs by Jack Vettriano, as well as Limited Editions.  Please contact us for details

Blue Blue by Jack Vettriano

“Blue Blue” by Jack Vettriano

 Blue Blue by Jack Vettriano.  Highly Collectable Studio Proof No 10 of 10

  Only at Jack’s Gallery, HENLEY-ON-THAMES

Publisher Mounted and with full C.O.A

Blue Blue by Jack Vettriano


This romantic painting of “Blue Blue”was published in 2013.  The image shows a couple deeply in love. He holds the umbrella protectively over her and she is turning to kiss him.  They want to remain sitting in the rain, overlooking the  beautiful and peaceful Mediterranean.

The darker shades of blue in their clothing contrast with the bright blue of the chairs and the grey blue shades of the sky and sea.  The woman is wearing the trademark Vettriano large pearl earrings.  The seashore is shown with white surf and rocks in the distance. The sand covered hoardings on the back of the chairs depict the passing of time.  Perhaps it is the end of the season and the last day of the holiday for the couple.  This picture is for lovers everywhere.

“Bird On The Wire” by Jack Vettriano – Artist Proof No 9

“Bird On The Wire” Artist Proof No 9 of 30

This special Mounted A/P only £1,500 from Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames

Collectors item published in 2003. Signed and numbered by Jack Vettriano

Mounted size 31″ x 38 Image Size 22.25″ x 28.5″


This evocative picture  depicts a young woman staring out over railings.   Hence “Bird on the Wire”.  Flanked either side by two men she appears trapped. What is her expression behind her dark glasses?  Is she afraid or is she enjoying the attention?  Is she in control of the men or are they hunting her? Vettriano combines the background of a summer British beach scene with an unspoken undercurrent of what might happen to the woman.

“Seven Heaven” by Jack Vettriano – Unique Artist Proof Nos 1 & 2

“Seven Heaven” Artist Proof Nos 1 & 2.  Highly Collectable.

Just Released: Mounted Figurative Giclee Print by Jack Vettriano

Nos 1 & 2 of 10 A/Ps  produced.  Full Certificate of Authentication.

Only from Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames.



Released at the end of September this  stunning picture is already rapidly selling out.

The gorgeous, sultry brunette is completely aware of her own sexuality. The straps of her dress lowered, her face is full of her own feminine power.  She is totally in charge.

Jack Vettriano once again chooses his favoured colouring of stark black clothing to emphasise the beauty of a woman. Her dress and long black hair are relieved only by her skin tone and a single white pearl earring.

She is leaning against the door of her room number. The onlooker is indeed in Seven Heaven

Overall Mounted size 24.5″ x 28.4″

Free U.K. Shipping

If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Jack’s Gallery for further information and prices on these unique  Artist Proofs

In Thoughts Of You by Jack Vettriano

“In Thoughts of You” by Jack Vettriano Rare Proof from Jack’s Gallery

“In Thoughts of You” by Jack Vettriano – RARE STUDIO PROOF 7/10  

Only available from Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames with full C.O.A.

Contact us for details.

“In Thoughts of You” by Jack Vettriano is an evocative portrait of a young woman gazing from her city window.  What and who is she thinking about?  She appears to be  reflecting about a time gone by and she has an air of sadness about her.  She is stylish and elegant.  Her black clothing and heeled shoes contrast against the white chair covering. She holds a cup in her right hand, the maroon rim on the china picks up the candlesticks and footstool.  The candle holder blends with her clothing. The white gauze curtain veils the world outside and she is lost in her thoughts.

This is the last Studio Proof available of this stunning picture.    Please phone our Gallery for more information on 01491 571387

A Limited Edition of this image is also available for only £280. Publisher mounted with full C.O.A.

Jack’s Gallery specialises in Collectable Artist &Studio Proofs & Limited Editions by Jack Vettriano


In Thoughts Of You by Jack Vettriano

                        “In Thoughts of You” by Jack Vettriano


“Pincer Movement” & “Night Geometry” by Vettriano. Sale £850 each

“Pincer Movement” and “Night Geometry” – Special Offer on these two Limited Editions from Jack’s Gallery. Only £850 each.

Jack’s Gallery is now focusing on Artist And Studio Proofs from our Gallery in Henley-on-Thames and is therefore selling these two erotic Limited Editions Prints “Pincer Movement” & “Night Geometry” at a Special Sale price of £850. Over 40% off the current market price of £1,500.

“Pincer Movement” depicts a couple in a stage of undress, his hand caressing her chin in a pincer motion while she is in the act of disrobing. She is completely trusting with her arms open in the sleeves of her dress indicating her love for him.

This Figurative Giclee Limited Edition is Mounted and numbered 249/495 with full Certificate of Authenticity.

“Pincer Movement” Limited Edition Print by Jack Vettriano


“Night Geometry” shows a more passionate scene.  She has her her neck arched back in ecstasy, he is consumed with desire.  The open French window depicts the heat of the night.

This Figurative Giclee Limited Edition is Mounted and numbered 288/495 with full Certificate of Authenticity.

“Night Geometry” Limited Edition Print by Jack Vettriano

Night Geometry by Jack Vettriano