Birth Of A Dream by Jack Vettriano

“Birth of a Dream” Limited Edition by Jack Vettriano

“Birth of a Dream” No 150/250 Limited Edition in Silver & Black Frame £850

Birth Of A Dream by Jack Vettriano

 Jack’s Gallery celebrates Lewis Hamilton’s amazing record by showcasing “Birth of a Dream”

Lewis Hamilton’s amazing achievement of qualifying for his 69th Pole Position, in the wet Italian Grand Prix  and then going on to win, is indeed a dream.  A three times Formula One World Champion he has had more race victories than any other British driver in the history of Formula One.  Hamilton is also the only driver to win at least one Grand Prix in every season since his first season in 2007. Born in 1985 the “Birth of a Dream” began at 6 years old when his Father bought him a radio-controlled car.  At the age of  13 he approached McLaren’s team principal Ron Dennis and said “I want to be racing your cars”.  He was signed to McLaren’s young driver support programme in 1998.  The rest is history.

“Birth of a Dream” is part of the famous “Bluebird Collection” by Jack Vettriano

This wonderful picture is part of a set of 7 paintings called “The Bluebird Collection”, commissioned by Sir Terence Conran in 1996 when he opened his Bluebird Gastrodome Restaurant in London.  The Vettriano paintings were inspired by Sir Malcolm Campbell who set his  final World Land Speed Record in 1935.  The painting  of “Birth of a Dream” features the original V-12 Sunbeam which Campbell painted blue and named “Bluebird”.

The original “Bluebird Collection” paintings were auctioned at Sotheby’s in August 2007  and made more than £1 million and a boxed set of 7 signed Limited Editions were produced in 2010 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Land Speed Record.

Jack’s Gallery now has a very rare complete set of Artist Proofs No. 6 of the “Bluebird Collection” containing “Birth of a Dream”, “Bluebird at Bonneville”, “Pendine Beach”, “301.129”, “Bluebird”, “The British are Coming”, “Daytona Diner” and the book entitled “Man’s World”.

Please phone our Henley-on-Thames Gallery for further details.

Mad Dogs by Jack Vettriano

“Mad Dogs” Rare Studio & Artist Proofs by Jack Vettriano

“Mad Dogs” Large Format Studio Proof 10/10 and Artist Proof 2/40

Jack’s Gallery brings Sunshine to a gloomy English August

Mad Dogs by Jack Vettriano

Inspiration for the Title

“Mad Dogs” title was inspired by the song “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” written and sung by Noel Coward.  It is said he composed it in his head, without paper, pen or piano whilst  driving from Hanoi to Saigon.  The quintessentially English Sir Noel, known for his wit and flamboyance, first performed the song in the Third Little Show at the Music Box Theatre in 1931.  “Mad Dogs” and thereafter it became his signature tune in his Cabaret Circuit.

The quirky title inspired another iconic writer and singer Joe Cocker to name his Live Album “Ballad of Mad Dogs and Englishmen”.  The Album was released in 1970 and performed by an unconventionally large band to mixed reviews.  One remarked that the bandmate and musical director Leon Russell drowned out Cocker’s creative presence, but on the whole, that was not a bad thing.  However, a decision was made to film the tour and it resulted in a theatrically-released concert of the same name.

The Painting

Jack Vettriano painted his “Mad Dogs” in 1991 and it was featured at the Kelvingrove Exhibition in 2014. Although Vettriano was snubbed by national collections the original painting was sold by Sotheby’s in Scotland for £330,400.  His “Singing Butler” has been voted the third most popular picture in the U.K. today.

This nostalgically elegant  picture shows two young women paddling their feet in the shallows of the sandy beach.  The courteous gentleman holds an umbrella to protect his lady from the sun.  The golden colours of the sand, and the paler cream of the umbrellas contrast vividly against the bright blue of the sea.  The picture evokes freedom, exuberance and above all Sunshine.

Please visit us at Jack’s Gallery or phone us for further details of the rare and collectable Studio and Artist Proofs.  Bring in the Sunshine.


Morning News by Jack Vettriano

“Morning News” Limited Edition by Jack Vettriano at Jack’s Gallery

“Morning News” was created by Vettriano as part of a series of paintings in 2009, celebrating the Centenary of the Monaco flagship classic yacht “Tuiga”.

Reading her “Morning News”, the stylish young woman is in an outside cafe, sipping her coffee and reading in the shade of a tree. Above her is the crest of the Monaco Yacht Club.  Her classic car is parked beside her table.

Morning News by Jack Vettriano

“Morning News” was first exhibited in an exhibition in Monaco Yacht Club called “Homage a Tuiga” in 2009.  It was later shown in  the Vettriano Retrospective Exhibition in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow in 2013.

“Tuiga” was a famous yacht built by William Fife in 1909, at the request of the Duke of Medinacelli, a close friend of King Alphonse XIII of Spain.  Fife designed Tuiga in the image of another famous yacht “Hispania” so that the two 15 metre yachts could race against each other.  Over many races “Tuiga” always came second behind “Hispania”.  The rumour was that the Duke did not wish to beat his King and friend Alphonse, so “curbed” his own yacht.

“Tuiga” was meticulously restored in the Fairlie Restorations shipyard in England in 1993 and was passed to the Monaco Yacht club in 1995. Today she is moored at the pontoon of her new owners.

“Tuiga” is known as THE all-time classic, with her grace, her rig, her simplicity of fittings  and her incredible power. She is renowned as a thing of  sheer beauty.

A “Tuiga” boxed set published in 2012 featured four Limited Edition images of 75 Editions and 7 Artist’s Proofs.  The titles are “Below Deck”, “Masthead”, “Sunshine and Champagne” and “Ship of Dreams”.

“Morning News” is a retro iconic picture, that is now very hard to come by.  Jack’s Gallery has a Limited Edition number 236/275 for Sale.  It is hand signed by Jack Vettriano and has a full Certificate of Authenticity.

Come and browse in our Gallery in Henley on Thames or ring us for details of our other rare and collectable Jack Vettriano Artwork.


The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

“The Singing Butler” by Jack Vettriano – Large Artist Proof at Jack’s Gallery

The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

“The Singing Butler” Large Format Artist Proof plus Limited Edition Available at Jack’s Gallery

“The Singing Butler” is the most popular and well known of  Jack Vettriano’s paintings

This picture has been called a contemporary cultural icon.  The original was sold in August 2003 for £90,000 and then sold again in April 2004 to a private collector for the sum of £744,800.

The painting of “The Singing Butler” has always been controversial, with criticism of the way the dancer’s pose has been reversed. There were also accusations that Vettriano had used an artist’s reference manual as a copy.  However, the public fell in love with the fantasy of a beautiful couple dancing on the shore in full evening dress, while the Butler and the Maid attempt to shelter them from the wind and the rain.

The deep scarlet of the woman’s dress and long gloves contrasts vividly with the grey clouds, the umbrellas and the black suits of the men.  Her partner’s hand is holding her protectively in the small of her back as they dance across the sand, oblivious to everything except each other.

Jack’s Gallery in Henley-on-Thames has acquired an Artist Proof of this iconic picture, Number 33 of only 40 printed in Large Format.  The picture is signed by Jack Vettriano with a full Certificate of Authenticity.  Also in stock is a signed Limited Edition at £600.

 Jack’s Gallery is offering any frame of your choice free, with any Signed Limited Edition, Artist Proof or Studio Proof

Scorched by Jack Vettriano

Jack’s Gallery Highlighting “Scorched” by Jack Vettriano This Weekend

Scorched by Jack Vettriano

“Scorched” by Jack Vettriano showing this weekend at Jack’s Gallery marking the heatwave

 With the unusually hot weather predicted for this Bank Holiday Weekend Jack’s Gallery is highlighting “Scorched” with a rare Studio Proof  No 4 of only 10 printed.

This  stunning picture depicts a sophisticated brunette sunbathing in a designer swimsuit, the button details on her costume matching her earrings.  The white edging  contrasts against the black of swimsuit.  She is lying on a white towel.  Vettriano so often uses this theme of contrasting white against black, featuring his favourite brunette models.  With this painting he has used the golden sand as a background.

The woman’s eyes are closed in total relaxation while the sun warms her body.  The image feels warm, full of  enjoyment and full of hot, sunny, lazy days.  A must for Vettriano lovers and sun worshippers.

Jack’s Gallery is delighted to have acquired this rare Studio Proof of “Scorched” by Jack Vettriano, double mounted by the Publisher and signed by the Artist, with a full Certificate of Authenticity.  Please contact us for further details.

The Gallery also stocks this image in a Limited Edition, signed by the Artist and again with full Certificate of Authenticity priced at £365

Come to our specialist Jack Vettriano Gallery  in Henley on Thames this Bank Holiday Weekend.  Browse over 80 pictures in stock.  Take a walk or a boat out by the river.  Enjoy our many restaurants.  Make it a Vettriano day out at Jack’s Gallery.





Along Came A Spider by Jack Vettriano

“Along Came a Spider” Rare Vettriano Limited Edition at Jack’s Gallery

A rare Limited Edition recently acquired by Jack’s Gallery

Along Came A Spider by Jack Vettriano

Framed Limited Edition by Jack Vettriano No 265/295



“Along Came a Spider” in The Merry Month of May

Normally one of the year’s most joyful months and wonderful to welcome the onset of Summer.  However, it is also the month that the garden spiders hatch on the unsuspecting public.

This dark and subtle picture portrays a beautiful woman lying on a couch.  Wearing a black satin evening gown, with long gloves the lamp behind her accentuates the sheen of her dress.  She appears relaxed and unaware of what or who is lurking behind the lamp.  Or is she?

The shadowy figure of a man in dinner jacket and bow tie is watching her with intent.  He lurks in the dark waiting to pounce.  How long has he been there?  Will she be caught in his spider like web?  As always with Vettriano we ask more questions of the painting.

This painting was originally published in 2004 and is one of  Jack Vettriano’s darker pictures.

Jack’s Gallery is a Specialist Vettriano Gallery and is dedicated to acquiring unusual editions by the Artist, particularly Artist and Studio Proofs.  Situated in the historic town of Henley on Thames, the owner and staff are happy to discuss any questions you may have about Vettriano’s work.  Jack’s Gallery also shows contemporary art and ceramic wall art.  It offers a full framing service and delivery is free throughout the U.K.

The Picnic Party by Jack Vettriano

The Picnic Party gets Jack’s Gallery Vote at Election Time

The Picnic Party by Jack Vettriano

The Picnic Party by Jack Vettriano

 Limited Edition Large Format £600 & Studio Proof  No 1/10 

Signed by the Artist.  Double Mounted with Publishers Mount and full Certificate of Authenticity.

The Picnic Party definitely gets Jack’s Gallery’s vote at Election Time.

As one of the most joyful and carefree paintings in Jack Vettriano’s repertoire, this retro image makes us all smile.  A typical British summer’s day.  Sunshine but with the threat of rain and a family go for a  picnic on the beach. One woman is holding a hamper of food while the man is chivalrously holding a parasol over her head.  The younger girl is walking carrying her own parasol.  Both women are wearing printed summer dresses and paddling in the shallows with bare feet.  The man is also happy to paddle, with his trousers rolled up and his Panama hat firmly on his head.

The picture is full of sunshine colours, with the gaily painted yellow parasols outlined against the greyer skies.  With their pretty dresses billowing against the contrasting dark blue of the sea, Vettriano gives us the feel of the breeze and the sheer pleasure of walking on a soft sandy beach.

These Editions were published to commemorate the Jack Vettriano Retrospective Exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow.  The original was first exhibited in 1992 and is owned by a private collector.

This Large Format Double Mounted Edition of The Picnic Party measures 70cms x 85cms and is available in both small and large format Limited Editions and Studio Proofs.  Customers please contact our Gallery for prices of Studio Proofs.

We are proud at Jack’s Gallery in Henley On Thames to be an official Stockist specialising in a large range of Editions of Jack Vettriano. We are one of the foremost U.K. Galleries stocking his Artwork.

Latest Vettriano Release “The Big Tease” at Jack’s Gallery

“The Big Tease” by Jack Vettriano

Limited Edition 2/100 £425

Artist Proof 2/10 – please contact Gallery for details

 The latest Vettriano Release “The Big Tease” has just arrived at Jack’s Gallery.

The original painting of this work was first exhibited in The Passion and the Pain Exhibition in 1996. Now the latest Vettriano release of “The Big Tease” has  just been published in a select set of Editions.

Artist Proofs have been issued in an Edition Number of  only 10.  Limited Editions are in a small Edition Number of 100.

 No Studio Proofs have been issued.

The retro image portrays a young, pert, attractive brunette.  Wearing an eye-catching sleeveless polka dot dress, the woman has her hands on her hips and an insolent expression.  Her companion is dressed conservatively in slacks, shirt and tie.  Leaning against the rail, he is looking into her eyes.  He knows she has the upper hand in this relationship and is unsure of her and her feelings.  The pale blue and mauve sky  suggests it is late afternoon.  The beach is empty.  Is their relationship empty also?  Vettriano, as always, leaves us guessing.  

This painting is overflowing with colour and vibrancy.  The retro style is redolent of the late 50s period and shows a young couple with the woman in control, rather than so many of his more erotic paintings portraying a darker side to relationships.

Jack’s Gallery in Henley On Thames, has acquired these stunning pictures in both Artist Proofs and Limited Editions in time for the Easter break and to herald the start of Summer.  Jack’s Gallery specialises in the iconic artwork of Vettriano and is delighted to be able to exhibit this new release.

One Moment In Time by Jack Vettriano

“One Moment in Time” and the Clocks Go Forward

“One Moment in Time” and the Clocks Go Forward for Springtime

“One Moment in Time” and the clocks go forward.  Most of us long for the moment the clocks go forward and the evenings become lighter.  To mark the changing of the hour this weekend, and the beginning of Springtime, Jack’s Gallery is featuring  a poignant picture entitled”One Moment in Time” by Jack Vettriano.

A beautiful brunette stands gazing out of a window, thinking about that one moment in time that has just happened or about to happen.  She is wearing a stunning white evening dress, statement earrings and a row of pearls around her neck, holding her evening bag.  Has she has just come home, or is she waiting for the evening to begin?  Is she angry or sad or just caught up in a memory?  As always with Vettriano we are left to guess.

“One Moment in Time” by Jack Vettriano

One Moment In Time by Jack Vettriano

Limited Edition of only 100 and Rare Artist Proof 10/10

This picture was released as a Giclee Limited Edition of only 100 and 10 Artist Proofs. Published in 2012 the Editions are all signed by the Artist and have a full Certificate of Authenticity.  Jack’s Gallery in Henley On Thames, also has the highly collectable Artist Proof Number 10 of 10.   Both the Limited Edition and the Artist Proof are double mounted by the Publisher.

Limited Edition price £425 – less £50 discount for new customers online.  For Artist Proof details, please ring the Gallery.


On Parade by Jack Vettriano

Jack’s Gallery Celebrates Cheltenham with “On Parade” Vettriano Limited Edition

Cheltenham Week

To mark the beginning of the start of the week Jack’s Gallery is featuring the sexy picture of “On Parade” published in 2008.

Jack’s Gallery knows that Cheltenham week is the most important week of the calendar year for National Hunt racing.  Many will be watching the beautiful and brave horses parading round the ring before each race and making their choices of which ones to back.  Maybe a jockey in red and black silks?

Jack’s Gallery is choosing to celebrate this week by featuring this cheeky picture of “On Parade” by Jack Vettriano.

This image shows a brunette with her hair tied back dressed in a masculine scarlet guardsman’s jacket and a pair of black stockings.  Only black stockings.  She is leaning forward into a room.  Is it an Hotel room? Is it her lover’s bedroom.  Does the jacket belong to him?

As always with Vettriano’s paintings we are left to question and use our own imagination.

Special Offer for “On Parade” by Jack Vettriano

On Parade by Jack Vettriano

On Parade by Jack Vettriano – click to see the full image

For Sale at Jack’s Gallery or online for £965.  £50 discount offer available for a new online customer.  Free shipping throughout the U.K.

This mounted Limited Edition is signed and numbered by the Artist with full Certificate of Authenticity.   The edition size is 250.

An Artist Proof of “On Parade” is also available. Edition size of 25 – please telephone our Gallery for details.