Jack’s Gallery Celebrates “The Proposal” With A Vettriano Limited Edition Special Offer

Jack’s Gallery is celebrating the Royal Engagement with this romantic picture at only £850

Now sold out from the Publishers, Jack’s Gallery still has a Limited Edition No 8/10

Signed by the Artist, with a Publisher’s Mount and with full Certificate of Authenticity.  Offer Expires March 2018.

Also Available as an Artist’s Proof

Jack’s Gallery, one of the foremost Galleries in the UK, is delighted to wish Harry and Meghan well

To mark the occasion they have on special offer for the Christmas period, this beautiful piece of Artwork by Jack Vettriano.  The picture shows tenderness, adoration and love and we believe, is one of the most romantic Vettriano has ever painted.  The photo’s of the newly engaged couple show the same expressions on their faces.

Jack’s Gallery has specialised in Vettriano’s work for the past ten years, making it one of the top five Galleries in the country selling his sensational images.  From the darker side to the softer, more gentle images, the Gallery stocks open prints and Limited Editions, and specialises in both Artist’s Proofs and Studio Proofs of Vettriano’s iconic Artwork.

Give the love of your life a wonderful Christmas or New Year present by purchasing this stunning picture from Jack’s Gallery, Henley on Thames.

We also have this picture as an Artist’s Proof.

Either buy online or phone our Gallery for more details on +44 (0) 1491 571387.

Scarlet Ribbons by Jack Vettriano

“Scarlet Ribbons” Studio Proof by Jack Vettriano – Special Offer at Jack’s Gallery

“Scarlet Ribbons” by Jack Vettriano

A Special Offer for Christmas from Jack’s Gallery – Rare Studio Proof No 8/10 for only £786

Part of the Sold Out “Red Room” Collection

One only now remaining

Scarlet Ribbons by Jack Vettriano

“Scarlet Ribbons” by Jack Vettriano

“Scarlet Ribbons” is part of one of the most erotic series of paintings by Jack Vettriano called “The Red Room”

“The Red Room” Collection takes it’s name from the record breaking “Retrospective” Exhibition held in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. When Vettriano decided to hang his collection for the exhibition in 2014, he requested that his area was painted a deep red, with lighting kept to a minimum.  He wanted to enhance the erotically charged atmosphere of the paintings. In this image he has included a third party as a voyeur, to add even more sexual chemistry.  He has used this technique with many of his other ‘darker’ paintings, including “Beautiful Losers” and “The Game of Life” and even with the more romantic images, like “Dancer in Emerald” and “The Picnic Party”.

“Scarlet Ribbons” shows a woman, head bent in submission. Her basque is tied by ribbons, the room is painted scarlet and is lit by dim candlelight.  The man appears to be discussing something with the hard faced woman standing, dressed in scarlet and black, sheer fingerless gloves.  Are they discussing the price of the woman in the basque?  Is he dissatisfied with her performance?  Is he trying to stop the woman prostituting herself? As always Vettriano will have more questions than answers.

This Studio Proof is now Sold Out but Jack’s Gallery has one remaining, number 8 of 10. Call the Gallery on 01491 571387 or Jack Free’s mobile on 07775 735136 to reserve this highly collectable, erotic picture.  Alternatively you can buy it online.  Maybe wrap it in scarlet ribbons for the person in your life this Christmas?

The Waltzers by Jack Vettriano

Rare Jack Vettriano Pair of Studio Proofs at Jack’s Gallery

 “Only the Deepest Red” & “The Waltzers” – Both Nos 2/10

Jack’s Gallery has a fantastic pairing of these rare Studio Proofs, perfect for the party season

Only The Deepest Red by Jack Vettriano - Studio Proof

Studio Proof Number 2/10 “Only The Deepest Red by Jack Vettriano”

The Waltzers by Jack Vettriano - Studio Proof

Studio Proof Number 2/10            “The Waltzers by Jack Vettriano”


Studio Proofs

These Editions are only produced in a run of 10 – hence their exclusivity.

With Jack Vettriano many of his paintings are never issued as Studio Proofs. Collectors therefore enjoy the rarity of a low numbered Special Edition.

These special Proofs are given as gifts to the Artist or held by the Publisher to be released at a later date. Because of their rarity they tend to increase in value and so normally hold a higher value than a Limited Edition.

Artist’s Proofs

The amount of Artist’s Proofs are normally a small percentage of the Limited Edition run.  The Artist will inspect the first few images that come off the run. He will then work on the printed image to ensure the colour and the quality of the picture.  Once he is happy that the print is as close to the original painting as possible, the Limited Edition Prints are run.  When the Artist is finally satisfied, he retains the first few prints to give away or sell at a future date.  Normally 10% of the print run is retained. Numbering is often hand written in a Roman Numeral Format.

Studio and Artists Proofs at Jack’s Gallery

Situated in the beautiful Thames river town of Henley On Thames, Jack’s Gallery is one of the foremost UK Galleries specialising in Jack Vettriano  Artwork. In particular the Gallery holds a large selection of Studio and Artist’s Proofs.

Please contact our Gallery  on (+44) 01491 571387  for further information on these stunning pictures of any of his other paintings.

“The Proposal” Is The Latest Vettriano Release at Jack’s Gallery

“The Proposal” by Jack Vettriano – Artist’s Proofs Nos 2 & 3 plus Limited Edition No 8 at Jack’s Gallery

Due to high demand this Latest Release has already sold out from the Publisher in the pre-order period.

“The Proposal” belongs to the Romantic Artwork of Jack Vettriano

“The Proposal” is the latest release by the publishers of Vettriano’s work and is simply beautiful.  With a retro feel, it shows a couple intertwined and deeply in love.  The man is protecting his beloved from the sun with his umbrella and he has a look of complete adoration on his face.  The way Vettriano uses the light of the sky as a background to the pale yellows of the sands and the woman’s summer dress is outstanding.  This painting has so many of the “romantic” trademarks of  his earlier works.  The figures set against railings with the sea, sky and sand in the background.  “Anniversary Waltz”, “Bad Boy, Good Girl” “Summertime Blues” “The Big Tease” “The Game of Life”and “Blue Blue” all feature these trademarks.  Two of Vettriano’s most famous paintings, “The Singing Butler” and “Mad Dogs”, also feature backgrounds with the same romantic theme, including the umbrellas but without the railings.

“The Proposal” is in good company artistically with other Famous Proposals

  Many, many Artists are renowned for portraying romance and proposals in their works.  “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, “The Lovers” by Rene Magritte, “Chez le Pere Lathuille” by Edouard Manet, “In Bed The Kiss” by Toulouse-Lautrec, are all so well-known across the world. There are also the many paintings by father and son artists Charles and Fredrick Soulacroix, featuring “The Proposal”, “Enchantee” “The Marriage Proposal” and “Flirtation” as some of their most famous works.  Literature, of course, is full of famous proposals and romance. Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester , Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara, Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet and the most famous lovers of all, Romeo and Juliet.

Jack’s Gallery is delighted to have this latest romantic piece of art from Jack Vettriano.  Please ring our Gallery for further details.

Edinburgh Afternoon by Jack Vettriano

“Edinburgh Afternoon” Vettriano’s Images of Strong Women at Jack’s Gallery

“Edinburgh Afternoon”

Framed Limited Edition No 250 of 250

Also Artist’s Proof Set of 3 from the Contemplation Series. Nos 1 of 25

Highly Collectable – only at Jack’s Gallery, Henley On Thames.

Edinburgh Afternoon by Jack Vettriano

“Edinburgh Afternoon” by Jack Vettriano.  Limited Edition and Artist’s Proof


Vettriano’s Paintings also show his love for strong women

Jack Vettriano is known for his love of painting women, both romantically and erotically.  This series however portrays women’s strength.  With the Contemplation series he has painted a series of five portraits, showing very different women but all of them in charge of their own destiny and contemplating a decision.

“Edinburgh Afternoon” depicts a strong, attractive brunette, determination and character radiating from her face and her stance.  The picture clearly shows this woman is not to be messed with but the frills and bows on her shirt also show her vulnerability.  Is she making the right choice?  As always with Vettriano the viewer is left to question what the subject is thinking and what the decision may be.

“Edinburgh Afternoon” is one 5 pictures in the Contemplation Series.

Published in September 2015 the 5 thought provoking images are “Baby Bye Bye”, “Black on Blonde” “Edinburgh Afternoon” “Model in Westwood” and “The Very Thought of You”.

“Baby Bye Bye” shows a brunette in her negligee gazing into the evening.  Hand on hip she holds a mug.  She looks as if she has made up her mind. “Black on Blonde” depicts a blonde with her hair swept up and a black sophisticated dress.  She appears to be considering what she is going to do.  “Model In Westwood” shows a Model in a Vivienne Westwood dress, having a cigarette break before she goes onto the catwalk.  She appears to be contemplating her high shoes, but maybe she is wondering whether it’s all worthwhile?  Finally “The Very Thought of You” is perhaps the most poignant painting of this series.  A beautiful brunette looks longingly out of the window.  Sadness and longing are etched on her face.  Did she make the right decision?  Maybe not.

Jack’s Gallery is delighted to have the Artist’s Proofs Number 1 of three of these amazing pictures. Please contact our Gallery for further details.


“Another Married Man” – the latest Vettriano release at Jack’s Gallery

Jack’s Gallery has acquired Nos 1 & 2 of 175 Limited Editions of “Another Married Man”

Also highly collectable Nos 3 & 5 of 20 Artist’s Proofs of the latest release from Jack Vettriano

Another Married Man

“Another Married Man” – more Erotic Art from Jack Vettriano

This sultry, provocative painting of “Another Married Man” is very much in keeping with the erotic art Vettriano has been producing in the last few years.  In 2013, after a disastrous love affair, Vettriano painted a homage entitled “A Very Married Woman”.  He has admitted that much of his later works reflects his own life and “twenty five years of sexual misbehaviour”.  Other works show his interest in bondage: “Scarlet Ribbons”, part of his Red Room Collection, and reflections on threesomes with “Beautiful Losers”.  This suggestive piece with the woman wearing nothing but a black basque, stockings and suspenders continues in the same vein.

“Another Married Man” Inspirations

Vettriano has said he cannot paint a woman unless he finds her attractive.  While many of his paintings are inspired by titles lifted from songs written by the likes of Leonard Cohen, he admits he has also been inspired by visits to prostitutes. He is not the first Artist to be so, Manet and Degas were also notorious for their paintings of the ladies of the night. Vettriano often places himself in paintings, but now worries he may be seen as an old pervert.  Though so many of his women appear in underwear, stockings and suspenders, his models are never naked.

Jack Vettriano has huge appeal to both men and women with his erotic paintings. This may be because his images are relatively safe, but edgy – and a little dark.

All Limited Editions and Artist’s Proofs are signed by Jack Vettriano and come with a full Certificate of Authenticity.  Standard Limited Editions are £425. Buy online from our website now – click here.  Please contact our Gallery in Henley On Thames for further details.

Birth Of A Dream by Jack Vettriano

“Birth of a Dream” Limited Edition by Jack Vettriano

“Birth of a Dream” No 150/250 Limited Edition in Silver & Black Frame £850

Birth Of A Dream by Jack Vettriano

 Jack’s Gallery celebrates Lewis Hamilton’s amazing record by showcasing “Birth of a Dream”

Lewis Hamilton’s amazing achievement of qualifying for his 69th Pole Position, in the wet Italian Grand Prix  and then going on to win, is indeed a dream.  A three times Formula One World Champion he has had more race victories than any other British driver in the history of Formula One.  Hamilton is also the only driver to win at least one Grand Prix in every season since his first season in 2007. Born in 1985 the “Birth of a Dream” began at 6 years old when his Father bought him a radio-controlled car.  At the age of  13 he approached McLaren’s team principal Ron Dennis and said “I want to be racing your cars”.  He was signed to McLaren’s young driver support programme in 1998.  The rest is history.

“Birth of a Dream” is part of the famous “Bluebird Collection” by Jack Vettriano

This wonderful picture is part of a set of 7 paintings called “The Bluebird Collection”, commissioned by Sir Terence Conran in 1996 when he opened his Bluebird Gastrodome Restaurant in London.  The Vettriano paintings were inspired by Sir Malcolm Campbell who set his  final World Land Speed Record in 1935.  The painting  of “Birth of a Dream” features the original V-12 Sunbeam which Campbell painted blue and named “Bluebird”.

The original “Bluebird Collection” paintings were auctioned at Sotheby’s in August 2007  and made more than £1 million and a boxed set of 7 signed Limited Editions were produced in 2010 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Land Speed Record.

Jack’s Gallery now has a very rare complete set of Artist Proofs No. 6 of the “Bluebird Collection” containing “Birth of a Dream”, “Bluebird at Bonneville”, “Pendine Beach”, “301.129”, “Bluebird”, “The British are Coming”, “Daytona Diner” and the book entitled “Man’s World”.

Please phone our Henley-on-Thames Gallery for further details.

Mad Dogs by Jack Vettriano

“Mad Dogs” Rare Studio & Artist Proofs by Jack Vettriano

“Mad Dogs” Large Format Studio Proof 10/10 and Artist Proof 2/40

Jack’s Gallery brings Sunshine to a gloomy English August

Mad Dogs by Jack Vettriano

Inspiration for the Title

“Mad Dogs” title was inspired by the song “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” written and sung by Noel Coward.  It is said he composed it in his head, without paper, pen or piano whilst  driving from Hanoi to Saigon.  The quintessentially English Sir Noel, known for his wit and flamboyance, first performed the song in the Third Little Show at the Music Box Theatre in 1931.  “Mad Dogs” and thereafter it became his signature tune in his Cabaret Circuit.

The quirky title inspired another iconic writer and singer Joe Cocker to name his Live Album “Ballad of Mad Dogs and Englishmen”.  The Album was released in 1970 and performed by an unconventionally large band to mixed reviews.  One remarked that the bandmate and musical director Leon Russell drowned out Cocker’s creative presence, but on the whole, that was not a bad thing.  However, a decision was made to film the tour and it resulted in a theatrically-released concert of the same name.

The Painting

Jack Vettriano painted his “Mad Dogs” in 1991 and it was featured at the Kelvingrove Exhibition in 2014. Although Vettriano was snubbed by national collections the original painting was sold by Sotheby’s in Scotland for £330,400.  His “Singing Butler” has been voted the third most popular picture in the U.K. today.

This nostalgically elegant  picture shows two young women paddling their feet in the shallows of the sandy beach.  The courteous gentleman holds an umbrella to protect his lady from the sun.  The golden colours of the sand, and the paler cream of the umbrellas contrast vividly against the bright blue of the sea.  The picture evokes freedom, exuberance and above all Sunshine.

Please visit us at Jack’s Gallery or phone us for further details of the rare and collectable Studio and Artist Proofs.  Bring in the Sunshine.


Morning News by Jack Vettriano

“Morning News” Limited Edition by Jack Vettriano at Jack’s Gallery

“Morning News” was created by Vettriano as part of a series of paintings in 2009, celebrating the Centenary of the Monaco flagship classic yacht “Tuiga”.

Reading her “Morning News”, the stylish young woman is in an outside cafe, sipping her coffee and reading in the shade of a tree. Above her is the crest of the Monaco Yacht Club.  Her classic car is parked beside her table.

Morning News by Jack Vettriano

“Morning News” was first exhibited in an exhibition in Monaco Yacht Club called “Homage a Tuiga” in 2009.  It was later shown in  the Vettriano Retrospective Exhibition in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow in 2013.

“Tuiga” was a famous yacht built by William Fife in 1909, at the request of the Duke of Medinacelli, a close friend of King Alphonse XIII of Spain.  Fife designed Tuiga in the image of another famous yacht “Hispania” so that the two 15 metre yachts could race against each other.  Over many races “Tuiga” always came second behind “Hispania”.  The rumour was that the Duke did not wish to beat his King and friend Alphonse, so “curbed” his own yacht.

“Tuiga” was meticulously restored in the Fairlie Restorations shipyard in England in 1993 and was passed to the Monaco Yacht club in 1995. Today she is moored at the pontoon of her new owners.

“Tuiga” is known as THE all-time classic, with her grace, her rig, her simplicity of fittings  and her incredible power. She is renowned as a thing of  sheer beauty.

A “Tuiga” boxed set published in 2012 featured four Limited Edition images of 75 Editions and 7 Artist’s Proofs.  The titles are “Below Deck”, “Masthead”, “Sunshine and Champagne” and “Ship of Dreams”.

“Morning News” is a retro iconic picture, that is now very hard to come by.  Jack’s Gallery has a Limited Edition number 236/275 for Sale.  It is hand signed by Jack Vettriano and has a full Certificate of Authenticity.

Come and browse in our Gallery in Henley on Thames or ring us for details of our other rare and collectable Jack Vettriano Artwork.


The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

“The Singing Butler” by Jack Vettriano – Large Artist Proof at Jack’s Gallery

The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

“The Singing Butler” Large Format Artist Proof plus Limited Edition Available at Jack’s Gallery

“The Singing Butler” is the most popular and well known of  Jack Vettriano’s paintings

This picture has been called a contemporary cultural icon.  The original was sold in August 2003 for £90,000 and then sold again in April 2004 to a private collector for the sum of £744,800.

The painting of “The Singing Butler” has always been controversial, with criticism of the way the dancer’s pose has been reversed. There were also accusations that Vettriano had used an artist’s reference manual as a copy.  However, the public fell in love with the fantasy of a beautiful couple dancing on the shore in full evening dress, while the Butler and the Maid attempt to shelter them from the wind and the rain.

The deep scarlet of the woman’s dress and long gloves contrasts vividly with the grey clouds, the umbrellas and the black suits of the men.  Her partner’s hand is holding her protectively in the small of her back as they dance across the sand, oblivious to everything except each other.

Jack’s Gallery in Henley-on-Thames has acquired an Artist Proof of this iconic picture, Number 33 of only 40 printed in Large Format.  The picture is signed by Jack Vettriano with a full Certificate of Authenticity.  Also in stock is a signed Limited Edition at £600.

 Jack’s Gallery is offering any frame of your choice free, with any Signed Limited Edition, Artist Proof or Studio Proof