Betrayal - The First Kiss

Jack Vettriano Betrayal – Latest Editions & Artist Proofs at Jack’s Gallery

Jack Vettriano Betrayal Series

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The final painting in the Betrayal trilogy





Contemplation of Betrayal

The first painting of the Trilogy

The Very Thought Of You by Jack Vettriano

“The Very Thought of You” – Vettriano Artist’s Proof £395 from Jack’s Gallery

A Perfect Gift for the One you Love

A Special Offer Available Now – from Jack’s Gallery Online during Coronavirus “Lockdown”

 Also comes as a Limited Edition

The Very Thought Of You by Jack Vettriano

The Very Thought Of You by Jack Vettriano


“The Very Thought of You” is a phrase so many of us can identify with at this time of isolation.  Our thoughts at the moment are often about our loved ones and wishing we could hold them again.

The Picture

Vettriano’s poignant painting vividly portrays the longing and tenderness in this beautiful woman’s gaze,.  “The Very Thought of You” is part of the Contemplation set  of five strikingly individual women, published in 2015.  The other four are entitled “Black on Blonde”, “Baby Bye Bye”, “Edinburgh Afternoon” and “Model in Westwood”.  All Editions are on 300gsm museum etching paper and hand signed and numbered by the Artist.  All come with full Certificate of Authenticity.

Artist’s Proof

Jack Vettriano’s Artist’s Proofs are highly sort after by Collectors.  During the print making process the Artist makes any alterations to the image he is not satisfied with.  When they are happy that it is as close to the original painting as possible, that print is then selected.  Only a few are run from that Proof, hence their rarity.   They are then hand signed and numbered by the Artist  who retains them, to use as gifts or to be released at a later date to the public.  An Artist’s Proof rarely has a run of more than 40 and a Studio Proof numbers only 10, whereas a Limited Edition may have a run of 250 or more.

Jack’s Gallery

Although our Gallery is closed during this Coronavirus Lockdown, we are able to dispatch mounted Editions to Customers throughout the U.K.  Please phone our mobile number 07775 735136  to discuss or purchase online.  We hope you keep well.


At Last My Lovely Jack Vettriano Artist’s Proof No 1 Jack’s Gallery

The long awaited Vettriano ready for Valentine’s Day in Jack’s Gallery

Highly Collectable Artist’s Proofs Nos 1 & 7 plus Limited Edition Nos 3 & 4


Jack’s Gallery Editions

At Last,  this constantly requested print has been released.  Jack’s Gallery is delighted to have acquired Artist’s Proofs No 1 & No 7, as well as Limited Edition numbers 3 & 4.  Only 15 Artist’s Proofs have been printed with a Limited Edition run of 125.  All Editions are signed by the Artist with a full Certificate of Authenticity.  Jack’s Gallery is one of the foremost Vettriano Artwork Galleries in the U.K. and is particularly known for stocking  collectable Artist’s and Studio Proofs.


At Last My Lovely was shown in “The Lovers and Other Strangers” Exhibition held in the Portland Gallery in 2000. Other well known paintings shown included An Imperfect Past, Beautiful Losers, Suddenly One Summer, The Assessors and Valentine Rose.

 The Picture

Jack Vettriano has succeeded in making this beautiful piece of Artwork both Romantic and Erotic.  The woman is tenderly caressing the man, with her hands cupping his face.   The man is kneeling, his hands on her knees and eyes shut in ecstasy  The room is dimly lit and their shadows are highlighted against the wall.  She is wearing a black evening dress,with her hair piled on top of her head.  He is typically garbed in the Vettriano white shirt and braces.  The picture is a Mounted Giclee  with the image size is 8.25″ x 10″ and the overall mounted size is 16.5″ x 19″.  The Limited Editions are priced at only £365.  Please telephone or email us for the prices of the Artist’s Proofs.

Come and browse at our renowned Gallery situated in Hart Street, Henley on Thames.  We offer a friendly welcome, knowledgeable information on Vettriano Artwork, as well as other contemporary prints and paintings.  We also offer a complete quality framing service.






“Betrayal – No Turning Back” – The final picture in the Vettriano Trilogy

This Limited Edition run is only 100 –  Jack’s Gallery has No. 1

At last the final picture of the “Betrayal” Trilogy is about to be released

The Vettriano image that Collectors have been waiting for is in Jack’s Gallery on 22nd November


“Betrayal – No Turning Back” is the third and final painting on Jack Vettriano’s Betrayal Collection

Jack’s Gallery is one of the foremost Galleries in the U.K. specialising in Jack Vettriano’s Artwork.  We have acquired Limited Editions numbered 1/100 in each of the Betrayal Collection.  “Contemplation of Betrayal”, “Betrayal – First Kiss” and now “Betrayal – No Turning Back”.  These Paintings were first shown at the International Art and Design Fair, New York in 2001.  They then featured in a major Exhibition entitled “Jack Vettriano.  A Retrospective”.  This Exhibition was held in The Kelvingrove Art  Gallery between September 2013  and February 2014.  The originals were painted in oils on canvas.

“Betrayal – No Turning Back” is printed on 300 gsm Etching Paper and signed and numbered by the Artist.  The Image size is 39cm x 32.2cm and the overall mount size measures 62cm x 53.2cm.  Jack’s Gallery and Framing service will be happy to discuss selecting a Frame with you to suit your requirements.

The last painting in this Trilogy shows the couple are finally committed to their affair.  He is unzipping the woman’s dress and she has totally surrendered herself to him.  With her arms around his neck in complete abandonment, the thrill of the night is about to begin. There is no further uncertainty or regret at what is about to happen.  Will it be worth it?  Vettriano as always keeps us guessing.

To purchase this erotic picture please telephone our Gallery for further details on +44(0)1491 571387 or Jack personally on 07775 735136.  Alternatively come and browse our huge range of Jack Vettriano Artwork in Jack’s Gallery, 36 Hart Street, Henley on Thames.

“The Letter” – September Sensation from Jack Vettriano at Jack’s Gallery

The Latest Release from Jack Vettriano is Sensational

Jack’s Gallery has a rare Artist’s Proof 5/5 plus a Limited Edition of this stunning picture


“The Letter”

“The Letter” by Jack Vettriano was first shown at the 1998 Exhibition entitled “Between Darkness and Dawn” at the Portland Gallery.   This Exhibition also featured another of Vettriano’s best known works “Dance Me to the End of Love”.

This must be one of the most poignant images by Jack Vettriano. The painting draws us into the room and we can see another Vettriano “Billy Boys” style picture behind her The beautiful woman is lying on a chaise longue wearing a blue evening dress. She has the trademark cigarette in her left hand.  She appears to be in despair and a letter is dangling from her left hand.  Is this a letter from a lover, telling her the romance is over?  Or is there another possibility?  Is it a declaration of love after a wonderful night out? As always, Vettriano asks us the question.


The pictures are mounted and framed in a gold lined black wooden frame.  The overall framed size is 83 x 98 cm and is a Giclee Print on Board. Jack’s Gallery, as one of the topmost Vettriano Galleries in the U.K., has acquired a very rare Artist’s Proof No 5/5.  We also hold a Limited Edition of a run of only 50.  All Editions have now sold out from the Publishers.  The pictures come with a full Certificate of Authenticity and are signed and numbered by the Artist.


Mad Dogs by Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano Summer Collection Showing At Jack’s Gallery In Henley

Jack’s Gallery is promoting a Jack Vettriano Summer

We are showing a Collection of Romantic and Iconic Editions evoking sunshine, warmth and love.

Buy online or come in and browse our Gallery in beautiful Henley-on-Thames.

Have a great Summer’s day out and enjoy the River Thames, the Royal Regatta, the Henley Festival and our fabulous Restaurants, Pubs and Coffee Houses.

We hope you will enjoy some of the pictures below.

Jack Vettriano Summer Collection

These are just some of the wonderful images from our Jack Vettriano Summer Collection. As one of the premier UK galleries specialising in the work of this very popular Artist, we are delighted to be able to show a Summer Collection of his work. We also have many more of his romantic images, filled with light. Plus we stock many of his more recent artworks, which show his darker and more erotic side.

History of these Paintings

 “Mad Dogs” and “The Picnic Party” are some of Vettriano’s earliest works, the former in 1991 and the latter in 1992. Using the medium of oil on canvas, he shows his brilliant command of using light to bring these paintings to life.

“The Days of Wine & Roses” was painted for the Kirkcaldy Art Museum, where 40 new paintings were exhibited. The Exhibition was held  in 2010 and was fittingly entitled “The Days of Wine & Roses”.

“Scorched” was originally painted for the Retrospective Exhibition in 2013 and published as a Limited Edition print at the same time.

“The Waltzers” is the most recent painting, going on sale at Bonhams in March 2015.  The painting was estimated to fetch between £200,000 and £300,000.

Start your Jack Vettriano Summer Collection now by either visiting or contacting us. As well as our stunning pictures we offer a complete framing service, which will complement your pictures perfectly.

Betrayal - The First Kiss

Jack Vettriano “Betrayal – First Kiss” – The Latest Release at Jack’s Gallery

Jack Vettriano “Betrayal – First Kiss” – The Latest Release

Mounted Artist’s Proof 3/10 – Plus  Limited Edition No 1/100

Both of these Editions are arriving this week in Jack’s Gallery

Betrayal - First Kiss

Image size 15.25″ x 1.3″; Mounted size 24″ x 21″

This is the second of Vettriano’s “Betrayal” Series of three paintings and already sold out from the Publisher.

“Contemplation of Betrayal” was the first and was published in February this year.  The third painting in the series is entitled “No Turning Back”.  We believe that Vettriano fans will be delighted to acquire the complete collection.

Background to “Betrayal – First Kiss”

The medium of the original Paintings was oil on canvas and were 24″ x 20″ in size.  They were first shown at the International Art and Design Fair New York in September 2001. In  2013 they featured in the major Retrospective Exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Museum in Glasgow.  This Exhibition was held to mark 20 years of Vettriano’s career

“Betrayal – First Kiss” portrays the next step forward for the couple.  They appear to be in an Hotel corridor and the woman is dressed for an evening out. She has put her hair up and is wearing a stunning dress with matching earrings.  The man is immaculately dressed and while holding her close, it is obvious he has been longing for this first kiss.

Jack’s Gallery

Our Gallery is situated in beautiful Henley On Thames, just after the iconic Bridge.

For the past seven years, Jack’s Gallery, has specialised in stocking and supplying Jack Vettriano Artwork. We are now considered one of the foremost U.K. Galleries, with particular emphasis on Artist’s Proofs and Studio Proofs.  As well as these highly collectable Editions, we endeavour to stock low numbered Limited Editions.  Low numbers are more sought after, with Number 1 being particularly highly prized.  We also have a huge range of open prints. The Gallery is a paradise for Vettriano lovers everywhere to come and browse.

Amongst the Pots

Jack’s Gallery holds a Special Exhibition of Unique Spanish Style

Jack’s Gallery is holding an Exhibition at The Old Fire Station Gallery entitled Spanish Style.

There is a dazzling display of Paintings, Wall Art, Ceramics, huge Garden Pots and Water Features.

All the pieces are hand painted and hand thrown, in an array of vivid colours.

The Show runs until 2nd April and showcases Spanish Artisans, Ceramicists and Artists.

Amongst the Pots


   Jack’s Gallery specialises in the work of Jack Vettriano, but the Gallery also houses Ceramic Wall Art.  Some stunning pieces are of Barcelona, whilst others show contemporary work .

Contemplation of Betrayal

“Contemplation of Betrayal” by Jack Vettriano – Latest release in Jack’s Gallery

“Contemplation of Betrayal” is the latest Jack Vettriano Release

Jack’s Gallery has Artist’s Proof No 3/10  and Limited Edition No 1/100

Highly Collectable

“Contemplation of Betrayal” was painted in 2001 and exhibited in the International Art Fair in New York the same year.  The painting was also featured in the major exhibition “Jack Vettriano. A Retrospective” in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery between September 2103 and February 2014.

Now just published as a signed Limited Edition Giclee on paper, the run is of only 100. Also published with a small run of only 10 Artist’s Proofs.  As one of the foremost Jack Vettriano Galleries in the U.K., Jack’s Gallery is delighted to have acquired an Artist’s Proof No 3 and a Limited Edition No 1 of this evocative picture.

All the traditional Vettriano trademarks are there. The man with dark suit, braces and tie, complete with white cuffs and handkerchief.  The stunning brunette is contemplating accepting the suggestion, which is being whispered in her ear.  Despite the title, this image is highly romantic as well as being highly suggestive.  Will she or won’t she?  Vettriano manages each time to leave us guessing and wanting to know more.

Jack’s Gallery

You can buy this classic piece of Jack Vettriano’s Artwork now in Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames.

“Contemplation of Betrayal” is available as an Artist’s Proof No 3/10, as a Limited Edition No 1/100. Please ring our Gallery for further details of these highly collectable numbers.  We also have a Limited Edition No 7/100 priced at £425.



Sample picture frames

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Sample picture frames

Jack’s Gallery in the heart of Henley-on-Thames

Jack’s Gallery, situated near the bridge in Henley-on-Thames is one of the foremost Galleries for Jack Vettriano Artwork.  We also stock local scenes of Henley, Maps, Contemporary Art and Oil Paintings and much more besides. As such we believe that beautiful pictures require beautiful Mounting and Framing to enhance your Jack Vettriano print or indeed any other painting, print, medals,  sports shirts or memorabilia.  So many pictures are let down by poor framing and/or the wrong coloured mount and inferior glass.   We are delighted to say that we can now supply a first rate, bespoke, professional  Framing Service from our Gallery.

Mouldings for picture framing

We have an extensive range of Mouldings in various colours and Frame Widths. Our experienced Staff are here to help you choose the exact frame to make your picture perfect.

Mountboards for picture framing

There are well over fifty colours of Mountboards, Standard, conservation and Museum. We will be happy to assist you making your choice of widths and shades to enhance your image and frame.

Picture Glass for framing

We offer a complete range of Picture Glass including Standard, Non-reflecting, Tru Vue, Conservation and Museum.

GroGlass for picture framing

Jack’s Gallery also supplies glass that offers protection from UV damage and glass created to be almost invisible.

Bring your Artwork into our Gallery at 36 Hart Street, Henley-on-Thames.  We are open from 10 am to 5 pm every day including Sundays.  You will receive a warm welcome and friendly, helpful and professional advice. Quotations will normally always be given to you on the spot.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete your framing and we will telephone you as soon as your Artwork is ready to collect.  We look forward to meeting you and offering our assistance to help make your Artwork perfect.