“The Proposal” Is The Latest Vettriano Release at Jack’s Gallery

“The Proposal” by Jack Vettriano – Artist’s Proofs Nos 2 & 3 plus Limited Edition No 8 at Jack’s Gallery

Due to high demand this Latest Release has already sold out from the Publisher in the pre-order period.

“The Proposal” belongs to the Romantic Artwork of Jack Vettriano

“The Proposal” is the latest release by the publishers of Vettriano’s work and is simply beautiful.  With a retro feel, it shows a couple intertwined and deeply in love.  The man is protecting his beloved from the sun with his umbrella and he has a look of complete adoration on his face.  The way Vettriano uses the light of the sky as a background to the pale yellows of the sands and the woman’s summer dress is outstanding.  This painting has so many of the “romantic” trademarks of  his earlier works.  The figures set against railings with the sea, sky and sand in the background.  “Anniversary Waltz”, “Bad Boy, Good Girl” “Summertime Blues” “The Big Tease” “The Game of Life”and “Blue Blue” all feature these trademarks.  Two of Vettriano’s most famous paintings, “The Singing Butler” and “Mad Dogs”, also feature backgrounds with the same romantic theme, including the umbrellas but without the railings.

“The Proposal” is in good company artistically with other Famous Proposals

  Many, many Artists are renowned for portraying romance and proposals in their works.  “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, “The Lovers” by Rene Magritte, “Chez le Pere Lathuille” by Edouard Manet, “In Bed The Kiss” by Toulouse-Lautrec, are all so well-known across the world. There are also the many paintings by father and son artists Charles and Fredrick Soulacroix, featuring “The Proposal”, “Enchantee” “The Marriage Proposal” and “Flirtation” as some of their most famous works.  Literature, of course, is full of famous proposals and romance. Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester , Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara, Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet and the most famous lovers of all, Romeo and Juliet.

Jack’s Gallery is delighted to have this latest romantic piece of art from Jack Vettriano.  Please ring our Gallery for further details.

“Another Married Man” – the latest Vettriano release at Jack’s Gallery

Jack’s Gallery has acquired Nos 1 & 2 of 175 Limited Editions of “Another Married Man”

Also highly collectable Nos 3 & 5 of 20 Artist’s Proofs of the latest release from Jack Vettriano

Another Married Man

“Another Married Man” – more Erotic Art from Jack Vettriano

This sultry, provocative painting of “Another Married Man” is very much in keeping with the erotic art Vettriano has been producing in the last few years.  In 2013, after a disastrous love affair, Vettriano painted a homage entitled “A Very Married Woman”.  He has admitted that much of his later works reflects his own life and “twenty five years of sexual misbehaviour”.  Other works show his interest in bondage: “Scarlet Ribbons”, part of his Red Room Collection, and reflections on threesomes with “Beautiful Losers”.  This suggestive piece with the woman wearing nothing but a black basque, stockings and suspenders continues in the same vein.

“Another Married Man” Inspirations

Vettriano has said he cannot paint a woman unless he finds her attractive.  While many of his paintings are inspired by titles lifted from songs written by the likes of Leonard Cohen, he admits he has also been inspired by visits to prostitutes. He is not the first Artist to be so, Manet and Degas were also notorious for their paintings of the ladies of the night. Vettriano often places himself in paintings, but now worries he may be seen as an old pervert.  Though so many of his women appear in underwear, stockings and suspenders, his models are never naked.

Jack Vettriano has huge appeal to both men and women with his erotic paintings. This may be because his images are relatively safe, but edgy – and a little dark.

All Limited Editions and Artist’s Proofs are signed by Jack Vettriano and come with a full Certificate of Authenticity.  Standard Limited Editions are £425. Buy online from our website now – click here.  Please contact our Gallery in Henley On Thames for further details.

Birth Of A Dream by Jack Vettriano

“Birth of a Dream” Limited Edition by Jack Vettriano

“Birth of a Dream” No 150/250 Limited Edition in Silver & Black Frame £850

Birth Of A Dream by Jack Vettriano

 Jack’s Gallery celebrates Lewis Hamilton’s amazing record by showcasing “Birth of a Dream”

Lewis Hamilton’s amazing achievement of qualifying for his 69th Pole Position, in the wet Italian Grand Prix  and then going on to win, is indeed a dream.  A three times Formula One World Champion he has had more race victories than any other British driver in the history of Formula One.  Hamilton is also the only driver to win at least one Grand Prix in every season since his first season in 2007. Born in 1985 the “Birth of a Dream” began at 6 years old when his Father bought him a radio-controlled car.  At the age of  13 he approached McLaren’s team principal Ron Dennis and said “I want to be racing your cars”.  He was signed to McLaren’s young driver support programme in 1998.  The rest is history.

“Birth of a Dream” is part of the famous “Bluebird Collection” by Jack Vettriano

This wonderful picture is part of a set of 7 paintings called “The Bluebird Collection”, commissioned by Sir Terence Conran in 1996 when he opened his Bluebird Gastrodome Restaurant in London.  The Vettriano paintings were inspired by Sir Malcolm Campbell who set his  final World Land Speed Record in 1935.  The painting  of “Birth of a Dream” features the original V-12 Sunbeam which Campbell painted blue and named “Bluebird”.

The original “Bluebird Collection” paintings were auctioned at Sotheby’s in August 2007  and made more than £1 million and a boxed set of 7 signed Limited Editions were produced in 2010 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Land Speed Record.

Jack’s Gallery now has a very rare complete set of Artist Proofs No. 6 of the “Bluebird Collection” containing “Birth of a Dream”, “Bluebird at Bonneville”, “Pendine Beach”, “301.129”, “Bluebird”, “The British are Coming”, “Daytona Diner” and the book entitled “Man’s World”.

Please phone our Henley-on-Thames Gallery for further details.

One Moment In Time by Jack Vettriano

“One Moment in Time” and the Clocks Go Forward

“One Moment in Time” and the Clocks Go Forward for Springtime

“One Moment in Time” and the clocks go forward.  Most of us long for the moment the clocks go forward and the evenings become lighter.  To mark the changing of the hour this weekend, and the beginning of Springtime, Jack’s Gallery is featuring  a poignant picture entitled”One Moment in Time” by Jack Vettriano.

A beautiful brunette stands gazing out of a window, thinking about that one moment in time that has just happened or about to happen.  She is wearing a stunning white evening dress, statement earrings and a row of pearls around her neck, holding her evening bag.  Has she has just come home, or is she waiting for the evening to begin?  Is she angry or sad or just caught up in a memory?  As always with Vettriano we are left to guess.

“One Moment in Time” by Jack Vettriano

One Moment In Time by Jack Vettriano

Limited Edition of only 100 and Rare Artist Proof 10/10

This picture was released as a Giclee Limited Edition of only 100 and 10 Artist Proofs. Published in 2012 the Editions are all signed by the Artist and have a full Certificate of Authenticity.  Jack’s Gallery in Henley On Thames, also has the highly collectable Artist Proof Number 10 of 10.   Both the Limited Edition and the Artist Proof are double mounted by the Publisher.

Limited Edition price £425 – less £50 discount for new customers online.  For Artist Proof details, please ring the Gallery.


On Parade by Jack Vettriano

Jack’s Gallery Celebrates Cheltenham with “On Parade” Vettriano Limited Edition

Cheltenham Week

To mark the beginning of the start of the week Jack’s Gallery is featuring the sexy picture of “On Parade” published in 2008.

Jack’s Gallery knows that Cheltenham week is the most important week of the calendar year for National Hunt racing.  Many will be watching the beautiful and brave horses parading round the ring before each race and making their choices of which ones to back.  Maybe a jockey in red and black silks?

Jack’s Gallery is choosing to celebrate this week by featuring this cheeky picture of “On Parade” by Jack Vettriano.

This image shows a brunette with her hair tied back dressed in a masculine scarlet guardsman’s jacket and a pair of black stockings.  Only black stockings.  She is leaning forward into a room.  Is it an Hotel room? Is it her lover’s bedroom.  Does the jacket belong to him?

As always with Vettriano’s paintings we are left to question and use our own imagination.

Special Offer for “On Parade” by Jack Vettriano

On Parade by Jack Vettriano

On Parade by Jack Vettriano – click to see the full image

For Sale at Jack’s Gallery or online for £965.  £50 discount offer available for a new online customer.  Free shipping throughout the U.K.

This mounted Limited Edition is signed and numbered by the Artist with full Certificate of Authenticity.   The edition size is 250.

An Artist Proof of “On Parade” is also available. Edition size of 25 – please telephone our Gallery for details.




Black on Blonde by Jack Vettriano

“Black On Blonde” Limited Edition by Jack Vettriano at Jack’s Gallery, Henley On Thames

“Black On Blonde” Limited Edition by Jack Vettriano at Jack’s Gallery

For sale at Jack’s Gallery, Henley On Thames for £375.00

Limited Edition Print signed by the Artist and with full Certificate of Authenticity

 Also only available at Jack’s Gallery a very rare Artist Proof  number 1/20 

Black on Blonde by Jack Vettriano

“Black On Blonde” by Jack Vettriano

Celebrating International Women’s Day 8th March 2017

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Jack’s Gallery is proud to present “Black On Blonde” as part of the “Contemplation” Series painted by Jack Vettriano

This series of five separate  independent women was published in September 2015.  The images depict strong women, all with different styles and all with very different lives.  Each picture in the series is completely unique and each have their own story.

“Black On Blonde” shows a beautiful woman, glamorous and elegant in a black dress with statement white cuffs and black earrings.  Her make up is flawless and she is sweeping up her blonde hair, confident of herself and how she looks.

Jack’s Gallery has acquired the full set of Rare Artist Proofs of the “Contemplation” Series all numbered 1 of 20 and with full Certificate of Authenticity.

The Limited Edition of “Black On Blonde” can be purchased online from our website, or to purchase the Artist Proof of this stunning picture please telephone our Gallery on +441491 571387.

The British Are Coming by Jack Vettriano

“Bluebird” Collection by Jack Vettriano. 7 Rare Studio Proofs. Only at Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames

The “Bluebird” collection has been acquired by Jack’s Gallery, Henley-on-Thames to mark the 50th Anniversary of the death of Donald Campbell attempting the World Water Speed Record in Bluebird K7.

These 7 iconic pictures are normally sold in a complete boxed Edition set, but Jack’s Gallery has individually double mounted and framed each rare Studio Proof.  Framed in a stunning black wood to enhance the vibrant colours.  Only 5 sets were produced of these Studio Proofs.

Bluebird at Bonneville by Jack Vettriano

“Bluebird at Bonneville” by Jack Vettriano


Bluebird was named after Blue Bird, the name of the Campbell-Railton car which broke the Land Speed Record for Sir Malcolm Campbell.  Throughout the 1920’s and ’30’s Sir Malcolm set several Land Speed Records but Blue Bird finally gave him the power to break the 300 mph barrier on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1935.

Birth Of A Dream by Jack Vettriano

“Birth of a Dream” by Jack Vettriano

After his Father’s death in 1948 Donald Campbell set out to break the world water speed record with his Sir Malcolm’s old boat, renamed  Bluebird K4 and did so on seven occasions between 1955 and 1964.

Pendine Beach by Jack Vettriano

“Pendine Beach” by Jack Vettriano

 Donald’s desire was to also hold the world land speed record and his car Bluebird CN7 was completed in 1960.  He returned to Bonneville Salt Flats where his Father had set the record 25 years before but lost control and crashed at 360 mph.  He survived and finally set the Land Speed Record of 403.1 mph in 1964,on the salt beds of Lake Ere in South Australia.  He died on 5th January 1967 attempting another Water Speed Record on Lake Coniston.

Donald Campbell remains the only person to hold the double of the World Water Speed record and the World Land Speed Record set in the same year.  A truly astonishing British Family.

The British Are Coming by Jack Vettriano

“The British are Coming” by Jack Vettriano


Four of the seven images of this collection are portrayed here.  Please contact Jack’s Gallery on +44(0)1491 571387 or +44(0)7775 735136 or email art@jacksgallery.co.uk


The Classic Collection by Jack Vettriano

Exhibition and Sale of Jack Vettriano Artwork Bray Easter Weekend

Our popular Exhibition and Sale of  Paintings and Prints is being held at Bray Village Hall all over the Easter Weekend.

Specialising in Jack Vettriano’s Art as well as Original work by Henley Artist Clive Hemsley, Local scenes by Angela Fielder and many other Artists, our Exhibition is a must for lovers of Contemporary Artwork.

The Exhibition is extensive with over 120 pictures to choose from.  Rare Artist and Studio Proofs, Limited Editions, Rich Oils on Canvas, and unusual and attractive prints are all on show. We also offer  a warm atmosphere, free drinks and nibbles and friendly advice.

Jack’s Gallery has been exhibiting at Bray Village Hall for over 20 years and we always look forward to greeting previous customers and welcoming new ones.

This Easter all the proceeds of the admission charge of £1 per adult (children under 16 free) go to the Tiana Honey Watson Fund for Children with Rare and Metabolic Diseases. Reg No 1116025

The Classic Collection by Jack Vettriano

Exhibition including The Classic Collection by Jack Vettriano

Come and visit us.  We are open 10am – 5pm Friday 25th, Saturday 26th , Sunday 27th and Monday 28th March

Night Geometry by Jack Vettriano

“Night Geometry” by Jack Vettriano

“Night Geometry” by Jack Vettriano Limited Edition

Jack’s Gallery Special Offer Price February Only £995 

Published Price £1,500

Night Geometry by Jack Vettriano

“Night Geometry” by Jack Vettriano

This sultry and seductive painting depicts a couple in the depths of passion. She has her neck arched back in ecstasy. He cannot even wait for her to discard her cigarette as he pulls her towards him.  As so often in Vettriano’s work the detail is superb.  Her white jewellery contrasting with her black clothing. A tiny splash of red suspender.  The open French window suggesting the heat of a summer night.  A picture showing a night full of passion and two people carried away with desire.

Scorched by Jack Vettriano

“Scorched” by Jack Vettriano

Scorched by Jack Vettriano

Jack’s Gallery is Looking Forward to the Summer!  Limited Edition £345.  

Also 2 Rare Studio Proofs  numbers 2/10 and 3/10.  Phone Jack’s Gallery for details

Scorched by Jack Vettriano

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 Scorched depicts a sophisticated brunette sunbathing in a designer swimsuit, the button detail matching her earrings.  The white towel also contrasts with the black of her costumer accentuating the white edging.  Her eyes are closed in total relaxation while the sun warms her body.  Vettriano has painted his subject against a plain sand coloured background. Simple, stunning and evocative.