“Scarlet Ribbons” Studio Proof by Jack Vettriano – Special Offer at Jack’s Gallery

“Scarlet Ribbons” by Jack Vettriano

A Special Offer for Christmas from Jack’s Gallery – Rare Studio Proof No 8/10 for only £786

Part of the Sold Out “Red Room” Collection

One only now remaining

Scarlet Ribbons by Jack Vettriano

“Scarlet Ribbons” by Jack Vettriano

“Scarlet Ribbons” is part of one of the most erotic series of paintings by Jack Vettriano called “The Red Room”

“The Red Room” Collection takes it’s name from the record breaking “Retrospective” Exhibition held in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. When Vettriano decided to hang his collection for the exhibition in 2014, he requested that his area was painted a deep red, with lighting kept to a minimum.  He wanted to enhance the erotically charged atmosphere of the paintings. In this image he has included a third party as a voyeur, to add even more sexual chemistry.  He has used this technique with many of his other ‘darker’ paintings, including “Beautiful Losers” and “The Game of Life” and even with the more romantic images, like “Dancer in Emerald” and “The Picnic Party”.

“Scarlet Ribbons” shows a woman, head bent in submission. Her basque is tied by ribbons, the room is painted scarlet and is lit by dim candlelight.  The man appears to be discussing something with the hard faced woman standing, dressed in scarlet and black, sheer fingerless gloves.  Are they discussing the price of the woman in the basque?  Is he dissatisfied with her performance?  Is he trying to stop the woman prostituting herself? As always Vettriano will have more questions than answers.

This Studio Proof is now Sold Out but Jack’s Gallery has one remaining, number 8 of 10. Call the Gallery on 01491 571387 or Jack Free’s mobile on 07775 735136 to reserve this highly collectable, erotic picture.  Alternatively you can buy it online.  Maybe wrap it in scarlet ribbons for the person in your life this Christmas?