Rare Jack Vettriano Pair of Studio Proofs at Jack’s Gallery

 “Only the Deepest Red” & “The Waltzers” – Both Nos 2/10

Jack’s Gallery has a fantastic pairing of these rare Studio Proofs, perfect for the party season

Only The Deepest Red by Jack Vettriano - Studio Proof

Studio Proof Number 2/10 “Only The Deepest Red by Jack Vettriano”

The Waltzers by Jack Vettriano - Studio Proof

Studio Proof Number 2/10            “The Waltzers by Jack Vettriano”


Studio Proofs

These Editions are only produced in a run of 10 – hence their exclusivity.

With Jack Vettriano many of his paintings are never issued as Studio Proofs. Collectors therefore enjoy the rarity of a low numbered Special Edition.

These special Proofs are given as gifts to the Artist or held by the Publisher to be released at a later date. Because of their rarity they tend to increase in value and so normally hold a higher value than a Limited Edition.

Artist’s Proofs

The amount of Artist’s Proofs are normally a small percentage of the Limited Edition run.  The Artist will inspect the first few images that come off the run. He will then work on the printed image to ensure the colour and the quality of the picture.  Once he is happy that the print is as close to the original painting as possible, the Limited Edition Prints are run.  When the Artist is finally satisfied, he retains the first few prints to give away or sell at a future date.  Normally 10% of the print run is retained. Numbering is often hand written in a Roman Numeral Format.

Studio and Artists Proofs at Jack’s Gallery

Situated in the beautiful Thames river town of Henley On Thames, Jack’s Gallery is one of the foremost UK Galleries specialising in Jack Vettriano  Artwork. In particular the Gallery holds a large selection of Studio and Artist’s Proofs.

Please contact our Gallery  on (+44) 01491 571387  for further information on these stunning pictures of any of his other paintings.