“Edinburgh Afternoon” Vettriano’s Images of Strong Women at Jack’s Gallery

“Edinburgh Afternoon”

Framed Limited Edition No 250 of 250

Also Artist’s Proof Set of 3 from the Contemplation Series. Nos 1 of 25

Highly Collectable – only at Jack’s Gallery, Henley On Thames.

Edinburgh Afternoon by Jack Vettriano

“Edinburgh Afternoon” by Jack Vettriano.  Limited Edition and Artist’s Proof


Vettriano’s Paintings also show his love for strong women

Jack Vettriano is known for his love of painting women, both romantically and erotically.  This series however portrays women’s strength.  With the Contemplation series he has painted a series of five portraits, showing very different women but all of them in charge of their own destiny and contemplating a decision.

“Edinburgh Afternoon” depicts a strong, attractive brunette, determination and character radiating from her face and her stance.  The picture clearly shows this woman is not to be messed with but the frills and bows on her shirt also show her vulnerability.  Is she making the right choice?  As always with Vettriano the viewer is left to question what the subject is thinking and what the decision may be.

“Edinburgh Afternoon” is one 5 pictures in the Contemplation Series.

Published in September 2015 the 5 thought provoking images are “Baby Bye Bye”, “Black on Blonde” “Edinburgh Afternoon” “Model in Westwood” and “The Very Thought of You”.

“Baby Bye Bye” shows a brunette in her negligee gazing into the evening.  Hand on hip she holds a mug.  She looks as if she has made up her mind. “Black on Blonde” depicts a blonde with her hair swept up and a black sophisticated dress.  She appears to be considering what she is going to do.  “Model In Westwood” shows a Model in a Vivienne Westwood dress, having a cigarette break before she goes onto the catwalk.  She appears to be contemplating her high shoes, but maybe she is wondering whether it’s all worthwhile?  Finally “The Very Thought of You” is perhaps the most poignant painting of this series.  A beautiful brunette looks longingly out of the window.  Sadness and longing are etched on her face.  Did she make the right decision?  Maybe not.

Jack’s Gallery is delighted to have the Artist’s Proofs Number 1 of three of these amazing pictures. Please contact our Gallery for further details.